North East Organised Floritech Pvt. Ltd.

 Floriculture has witnessed significant growth in the past few decades, and has today matured into a dynamic, global and fast-developing industry. It has also spread its wings to the world beyond developed nations.

 While the developed world viz., the EU, the U.S. and Japan, continues to account for two-thirds of the world market for cut flowers, developing countries have now emerged as major producers and exporters. The main drivers for this paradigm shift are favourable climatic conditions for cultivation, and lower production and labour costs.

 The floriculture industry has been blooming at a healthy 11-13% over the past few years and is expected to maintain its growth momentum. And, NEO Floritech a producer and exporter of quality flower, aims to spearhead this growth and consolidate its position in the global market.

The motivation that drives the business is a passion for flowers and plants. The success of the business lies in the quality and the involvement of people. NEO Floritech is a dynamic company and places a high value on innovation. We closely follow developments and trends in horticulture and gardening.

NEO Floritech prides itself in adopting practices that are of ecological nature and promotes sustainable solutions by nurturing healthy business in the Floriculture industry. NEO Floritech's mission symbolizes development with a vision of commitment to quality and social entrepreneurship.

From a seed to a fruit, from inception to fructification- the commitment is helping customers lead better lives, businesses to grow, farmers to prosper, employees to achieve and communities to thrive creating a verdant oasis of success.

The interdependent system of growth is a edge and NEO Floritech offer its services to play a lead role in organizing the sector along with the lead to bring the world class flower production technology, logistics solution, management practices sector.

During your visit to our site you will appreciate what NEO Floritech stands for, what you may expect from us, and why you can count on us. We look forward to the future with great enthusiasm and ambition, further innovation and to working together with you.