Insect Nets

Imported Insect Nets For Clean Agriculture
      Anti Virus Net 50 Mesh
      (Available Widths - 1, 1.5, 2, 3 & 3.7 Mtrs)
      Clear Bionet
      Spider Net
      Anti Hail Net
      Guaranteed for 5 Years
      Expected Life 10-15 Years
      Reduction in Pesticides use
      Cost Saving
      Higher Yield


Comparison Table 50 mesh nets 
  Spider Nets    Bio Nets    Anti Virus Net    Anti Virus LT Net
  Micro web fibres    Yes
  Photo-Selective    -    Yes

  Yarn Diameter    0.24    0.24    0.24    0.22
  Color    White    Transparent    Transparent    Transparent
  UV Stabilization    Excellent    Excellent    Excellent    Good
  Strength    Excellent    Excellent    Excellent    Good
  Normal Shade    25%    8%    8%    8%     
  Other Shades    40%    32%    35%    35%           
  Open area    48%    50%    50%    52%              
  Main blocking    Thrips    Whitefly    Whitefly    Whitefly

Shade Nets :

      Available in 30%, 50%, 60%, 70%,
      Upto 10 Mtrs width
      Flexible light and strong
      Accurate shade percentage
      Guaranteed for 8 Years
      Easy to spread

Alumi nets :
      Saves energy
      Increases yeild
      Protects against frost
      Better temperature control
      Guaranteed for 5 Years
      Expected Life 10 Years
      Double side IR reflection
      Light diffusion


ChromatiNet :
      Red :
      Rapid growth
      Greater vegetative mass
      Higher Yields
      Earlier flowering and ripening
      Larger fruit
      Longer decorative stems

Grey :
      More branches
      Higher yield of stems
      Blocks infrared (IR) radiation

      Pearl :
      Heavier yield plant
      Higher yield quantity
      Better quality 

      Blue :
      Short branches and dwarfed plan
      Slow plant development


We supply polypropylene sheets and rolls for a wide variety of applications in agriculture and horticulture.
Specialised equipment for the soilless growing of vegetables, roses, cut flowers, herbs, strawberries and growbag systems.

        Trough with Side Drainage Holes
        Trough without Drainage Holes
        Trough with Drainage Envelope & Drainage Spacer
        Trough + Drainage Spacer for Growbags (Coir & Rockwool)
        Drainage Collection Gutters for Growbags (Coir & Rockwool)
        Galvanized Metal Elevation Trough System
        Hanging Gutter System for Strawberries
        Assembly of   Hanging Gutter System
        Troughing System
        Water Recycling System in a Greenhouse

Non Woven PP Fabric / Bags

UV Protected NON WOVEN POLYPROPYLENE AGRI Fabrics for Agriculture and Crop Protection NON WOVEN POLYPROPYLENE AGRI FABRIC Protects the plant from cold ,frost, Moths UV Radiations , Termites etc. In the colder region the temperature gradient is more than 50 C , some circulating moisture is trapped by it and in the event of a frost this film freezes providing the plant with natural frost protection. Normally creates an ambient temperature under the fleece and keep it up to 2°C warmer than the outside temperature. This increases both yield and crop quality. It minimizes the dangers caused by hail, heavy rains, storms, Insects, Moths etc .
We take the pride in uses only prime quality virgin Polypropylene raw materials of the appropriate fiber procured from the world's most reputed producers and also master batches/UV additives of the highest quality.