Flori-Cluster: ( Under Implementation ) 

1.       Area Under Green House – 60,000 Sq Mt
2.       Crop : Anthurium Cut Flower

Floricluster Social Development Model


The proposed project will be an Export Oriented World Class Production Center for Anthurium. It will be developed on a collaborative but De-centralized Hub & Spoke model with a proactive approach towards community development.  The project will develop an ecosystem of entrepreneurship encouraging the locals to take proactive approach to generate business directly & indirectly through the support system the Project is poised to be developed in the Meghalaya- the abode of Clouds.
(To know more about the project please feel free to get in touch with us or mail BDM (Project Implementation)–Vikash Trivedi– )

 Tissue Culture Lab (Upcoming)
1.       Tissue Culture Bamboo
2.       Tissue Culture Banana


Bamboos are giant, woody grasses which produces long, naturally pre-finished Culms ("stems"). Because of its diverse application and socioeconomic importance, the Bamboos are also called" Green Gold".
Bamboo is the most diverse group of plants in the grass family and is distinguished by a woody culm. It has a tropical and subtropical (cosmopolitan) distribution, ranging from 46 N to 47 S latitude, reaching elevations as high as 4,000M in the Himalayas and parts of China. Bamboo is very adaptable, with some species being deciduous and others evergreen

Bamboos are conventionally propagated through seedlings and rooted cuttings. Commercial varieties of bamboos take 12 to 150 years for flowering. In most of the economically important species, there is an acute shortage of material. Seeds are difficult to store and loose its viability fast. Cuttings are too bulky for transportation and cannot be produced in large numbers.

NEO Floritech will be producing Bamboos in vitro techniques house technology as collaboration with institutions

NEO Floritech is venturing in the production of tissue culture banana plantlets and is poised to become the leader in this sector. The banana variety to be developed by the Biotech Division will set a trend, 100% virus-free, and disease free banana plantlets have promising results early flowering with uniformity in yield and will give higher profitability for the farmers. Quality standards will be acquired only through stringent quality control tests, sharp technical monitoring, and ultra-modern lab operations.
The crop will be ready for harvesting in 10-12 months after planting. If managed well, Dwarf Cavendish gives an average yield of 35 to 40MT/acre. We will also be producing G9 variety.

Considering the importance of producing and making available large number of planting materials, the only alternative is in vitro micro propagation.
The advantages of Micropropagation are:
·         Elite clones can be identified and propagated.
·         Production of plantlets throughout the year
·         Planting materials can be produced in large numbers with less space.
·         In vitro produced plants establish and grow fast
·         Biomass production is much higher compared to seedling progenies.
·         Easy to transport over long distances.